Saturday, April 27, 2013

Organizing My Life

My organizational skills have been put to the test this year! I'm balancing my first year teaching Kindergarten - with my day-to-day life - and sometimes I feel like I'm losing my mind. (Only sometimes) I'm already starting to think about how I can improve this for next year. I created a set of editable calendars!

My New Years Resolution was to plan meals two weeks at a time. I started off strong, but have been slacking lately. I'm thinking these will be great for my Monthly Menu!

I also realized it would be really useful to have a set of editable Wish Lists to ask for classroom supplies. In Kindergarten, we ask for things (almost) monthly…or we spend our own money.

How do you organize your life? (I need tips!!) 


  1. I don't have any tips for you, I just wanted to say Good Luck! I am definitely organizationally-challeneged.

    My Kinder-Garden

    1. Hahaha - Thanks, Crystal! If I discover anything fantastic, I'll be sure to pass it along!