Thursday, September 5, 2013

Oh My Gosh...

I missed the WHOLE summer! Sorry! Lots has been going on in my world. Here's the short version:

1. My husband took a new job. Which meant I had to quit my job…and pack up my classroom. That was very bittersweet.

2. Then we sold our house (4 days!!) and the moving trucks rolled in.
Our old house in Indiana
 3. We lived in limbo for a few weeks in Ann Arbor, MI before we were able to buy and new house and we moved in mid-August!
New house in Northville, MI
4. In the meantime, my son decided he was ready to use the potty. Just in time for pre-school…and because he really wanted a big boy bike.
 5. And we spent a lot of time at the lake this summer… and I learned that it's hard to work at the lake.
So that explains my absence. I'm sorry! I'll be a better blogger, I promise!

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